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Nintendo Just Announced The SNES Classic, Complete With 21 Throwback Games
Movie Extras Needed In EvanstonWanna be a big movie star? Well, that role belongs to Jamie Lee Curtis. You could be on the big screen, though!
Ranking The Best TV Dogs Of All TimeWe love dogs.  Sometimes, more than people.  We love television.  Sometimes, more than people.
"Eric & Jessie" Returns For Season 3 This FallThey're baaaaack!
'Fuller House' Season 3 to Premiere on 30th Anniversary of 'Fuller House'"Fuller House" is getting a very special premiere date this year.
Taco Bell Weddings Kick Off in Vegas This AugustWe can already hear the wedding bells at Taco Bell.
WOW: Rascal Flatts Crashes A Wedding Before #LakeShake!This is insane crazy cool!
TOPIC: What Did You Accidentally Throw Away & Had To Dig In The Garbage To Find?Would you chase after a garbage truck, follow it to the dump and dig threw bags to find a wedding ring you accidentally threw away?
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Emily From BataviaRoman's record in the College of Country Knowledge now sits at 150-17, but Emily thinks she can make that record 150-18!
Nashville Know-It-All: How Did Australian Born Keith Urban Become A US Citizen?Keith Urban holds dual citizenship not just in his home country of Australia but in the US as well.
INTERVIEW: Did Stylz & Roman Bribe Rascal Flatts With Italian Beef To Talk To Them?Rascal Flatts loves a good Portillo's Italian Beef sandwich.
Thomas Rhett's new album is inspired by his daughter, Willa Gray“To be honest, every title I have written down in my phone over the last two months has been inspired by Willa.”

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