Ramblin’ Ray bikes for breast cancer research!

att5269338 Ramblin Ray bikes for breast cancer research!
About the ride: The five day bicycle ride starts in Chicago, IL and continues on to Three Lakes, WI for breast cancer research. Donations from the ride go to RUSH University Medical Center for breast cancer research.

June 14 – 18th
Day 1, Chicago to Kenosha, WI, 55 miles

Day 2, Kenosha to Brookfield, WI, 55 miles

Day 3, Brookfield to Chilton, WI 82 miles

Day 4, Chilton to Shawano, WI, 80 miles

Day 5, Shawano to Three Lakes, WI, 100 miles

Visit www.bikingforbreastcancerresearch.com to donate to RUSH University Medical Center for breast cancer research and for more information.

Photo Gallery:

DSC05650 Ramblin Ray bikes for breast cancer research!
Kim Cook (right) with sister and breast cancer survivor, Vicki Russo

DSC05671 Ramblin Ray bikes for breast cancer research!
Ray riding through the countryside on our way to Milwaukee

DSC05677 Ramblin Ray bikes for breast cancer research!

Refueling half way through Day 2

DSC05680 Ramblin Ray bikes for breast cancer research!
At the Kenosha Harbor, start of Day 2

DSCN1268 Ramblin Ray bikes for breast cancer research!
In Brookfield, start of Day 3-Photos taken by Alyssa Cook

Ramblin’ Ray’s Daily Blog:

Day 5:

Well this was the last ”official” day of our ride. Wenesday was the dreaded day of the Century! (100-mile ride)

The last few days the wind has been kicking our butts so we decided to leave out of Schawno at 5:30 a.m. It turned out to be a good idea as the wind didn’t pick up till late and we had 50 miles on by 10a.m.

It was another hilly day through the Nicolet National forest we rode north on Hwy 55, a beautiful day lots of Wild Turkey, Deer, Coyotes, and a big old Cougar.

All in all it was a rather easy day, although this was the day with the most miles (and the biggest hills) the fact that the wind wasn’t 25 mph was a blessing.

You kind of wonder after miles and miles why anyone would put their body through this, Than at a stop a 20 year old kid comes up and says, “I noticed on the trucks that your riding for research?  Thanks.  My mom is 46 and she’s fighting cancer right now.”
At that point it becomes pretty clear. and you ride on.
To my riding buddies Kim, Bill, Dino, and Wayne we have a lifetime of memories. Kim one day you will keep up with the monster, Bill if I can ride as hard when I’m your age it will be a gift. Dino get a new bike and a wax. And Wayne your kids don’t know how cool their dad is.

I think next year I will turn the ride over to Lisa dent. I’m tired.

Thanks to all who donated a little money for the cause. You can donate all year! For info just go to http://www.bikingforbreastcancerresearch.com

A big thanks to the staff at US99.5, The big bosses at this station are like no other, they always let me and the divine Ms. Dent work our charities into the radio stations calendar. I’m not one to kiss the stations butt, but I have to say it’s a pretty cool place to work. And that’s why it’s the best station hands down period.

Have fun at the Chesney show…I’m gonna rest these knees.

Day 4:

81 miles. Hills, wind, more hills, and stronger winds. Knees are holding up incredibly well.  I think I’m in strong spirits thanks to Stella at Wayne’s Place Bar in beautiful downtown Boundel, Wisconsin.  Blew out a back tire today, but thanks to Joe Bikler’s Bike Shop in downtown Shawno, I’m good to go for day 5.  Tomorrow’s forecast is for more wind and the longest ride yet, 100 miles.  Check back with you then.  For more information on the ride and how to donate go to www.bikingforbreastcancerresearch.com.

Day 3: Brookfield to Chilton WI

This is in my mind the hardest ride of the week, We ride thru the kettle moraine which is some of the nicest scenery in Wisconsin if your in a car. If your on a bike its brutal. The hills will kill you it certainly took a toll on my knees. I have ice on both of them right now. I may go down to the hardware hank buy a buck knife and saw the left one off.

We started at 7a.m. I finished an hour and a half in front of the rest and rode in to the 5 star Chilton Best Western at 4:07pm, I don’t say that to brag. It’s just that when you have miles in front of you you have to  get er done..

If you have never done anything like this it incredible how the ride and the wind and the hills will play tricks on your mind. At mile 52 the cows were laughing at me. At mile 61 I think I saw a cougar, after that I was just mad and sick of trucks trying to run me over.

One of the things that we didn’t have last year was the heavy rains of a few days ago. In the suburbs of Milwaukee almost every house had carpet from basements and furniture waiting for the Garbage men to pick them up. In the farmers fields crops have been washed away and ruined. The rivers have wreaked havoc on this state and folks are in very bad shape with what they have lost.

Say a prayer for the farmers as they have lost a lot , two years ago it was drought now this. Food prices will rise. Americas heartland has taken a hit. Will this get aid or the visibility of hurricane Katrina? Probably not. But these people in Wisconsin Illinois and Indiana will bounce back, and they wont cry about.Its  just what they do.

Time to hit the hot tub and support Milwaukee by drinking a few beers. Than it’s off to get a steak and,…… to those cows who were laughing at me…not so funny now is it!

Remember , were riding for research. If you would like to help just go to http://www.ridingforbreastcancerresearch.com

Day 2: Riding for breast cancer research-This day took us from Kenosha WI to Brookfield WI. Not a big day just about 60 miles, really more or less a training day.

There were some big hills and I spoke with myself for 3 hours straight, no wonder I drive my wife crazy, I can’t stand myself!

Seriously, if you have never done a big bike or run with a group of people your missing out! Lots of fun! I think we were 3 miles into our day before half the group got lost.  This ride take us through the scenic southeast Wisconsin to the great Northwoods.  On this leg there are a ton of farms and good old boys that like to swear at a group of people in bike shorts.  All you have to do is tell them you like the Packers and they will leave you alone.

This day was filled with storm warnings and a wicked wind out of the west, we missed the rain, but as any biker will tell you the wind is a killer when it’s not at your back. Today the wind was not our friend.

Going take it easy for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow is one hundred miles and mostly hills. I remember last year during that leg of the ride that I saw and spoke with God 12 times.

Our group is pretty small and I’m riding with 12 Cubs fans! I have to ride fast and stay ahead or I may get caught up in their fantasy world.

Oh and the” Ramblin Ray Sissy” of the day goes to Jeff Cook who rode 30 miles and passed out in my Tundra (see pictures), tomorrow he gets training wheels.

Happy Father’s Day!

Remember to donate to the cause just go to www.bikingforbreastcancerresearch.com!


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