DO NOT Do The Cinnamon Challenge!

ray post DO NOT Do The Cinnamon Challenge!

Ok a little peer pressure, and a tea spoon of cinnamon and boom! I can’t breathe! Lisa and I saw this on you tube yesterday and gave it a whirl, Not her just me (of course)

Let me just tell you DON’T DO IT!
It will leave you gasping for air, it was really more breathtaking than I thought.

The things we have learned today don’t give in to Lisa pressure!


  • Vickie

    Ray! You’re a NUT
    When are you going to give away chances to go up snowmobiling with you for a weekend? I’m in!

  • Brad Pierson

    Well that was the weirdest thing ive seen in whi know how long. anyway GO PATRIOTS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna Kluppelberg

    Ray please don’t do stuff like that any more. I was so scared for you. I feel like you and Lisa are family and was almost crying to know that you would take such a risk this way. Please don’t do stuff like this any more. I love you guys.

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  • Andrew

    Are there any set rules? Maybe if you took it with some water and tried to swollow it as a paste, then maybe it would be possible. (Just a thought)

  • Paul Shearer

    That was awesome…
    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Chris

    I for one was very disappointed in the show this morning. And Ray’s comments to the woman who called to say this stunt and Ray being stupid was very negative toward seniors. The mall not being open and what was the other one? Something about knitting or quilting. Gee Ray, a little sensitive? Even though you admitted this should not be tried, it still gives kids the idea. Hopefully someone with asthma or some other condition which would prove to be more harmful doing this prank will not be encouraged by you. Can you guess this sound Ray? It’s me turning off the radio on your show this morning.

    • Jennifer Bruen

      I agree with you also very STUPID RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ray

    u should have waited longer

  • lindsay sagers

    so after hearing this we gave it a try! I DID IT!!! it was nasty but do-able

  • Debbie

    I think you should stick to racing your 250 Sled!!!!!! Not as hard on the body.

    Debbie (The better half of #67)

  • Becky

    well…I agree it is not a good idea…however….my granddaughter did accomplish this task….she has a video posted on my facebook….

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