Scotty McCreery Falls Off Stage And Brad Paisley Comes To The Rescue!

Scotty McCreery had an unfortunate fall at one of his shows recently, but in true Brad Paisley fashion, he ended coming to the rescue (fast-forward to the 8:16 mark of the video to check out the fall).

While singing, Scotty walked right off the front of the stage landing in the crowd. He only missed a few words of the song before rolling back on the stage and continuing his performance.

He literally did not miss a beat!

Pretty impressive, and glad Scotty didn’t get hurt!

Not long after the incident, Scotty tweeted about Brad’s on-stage assistance, in which he put up orange cones and yellow police tape around the stage, so he would be more careful.

As long as no one was hurt, pretty hilarious all around, and of course, Brad Paisley doesn’t need a workers’ comp claim on his tour insurance! (We kid!)

All things Scotty McCreery!

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