List: The 5 Things Men And Women Want And Don’t Want For Christmas!

Do you know what you’re going to get your significant other for the holidays?

According to a new survey by Female First, they found out what men and women want for the holidays!

The top five gifts women want the most:
1. Designer shoes.
2. A designer coat.
3. A pet.
4. A designer purse.
5. Jewelry.

The five gifts women DON’T want:
1. Household items.
2. Gift cards.
3. Champagne.
4. A gym membership.
5. A kitchen appliance.

The top five gifts MEN want the most:
1. Season tickets to their favorite sports team, preferably football.
2. An iPad.
3. An expensive watch.
4. A designer suit.
5. Gardening equipment.

The five gifts men DON’T want:
1. A tie.
2. Socks.
3. A shirt.
4. A book.
5. Cufflinks.

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