Cover Boy Brad Paisley Can’t Watch “Nashville”

Brad Paisley is on the cover of Parade Magazine!

He reveals that he can’t watch the new show, “Nashville,” because it’s too close to what he does and it’s weird seeing his wife on there.

Brad’s new album “Wheelehouse” will be out April 9th. There will be a special edition sold through Cracker Barrell that will have three extra cuts on it.

LL Cool J is one of the special guests on Brad’s album: “That was the case, with every record prior to this…that I had things that were off limits. This album, there were no walls respected. There was just—if I thought the addition of a rap artist would take my point to the next level on a composition, that’s what we did.” The song they do together is called “Accidental Racist.”

Brad returns the favor appearing on LL Cool J’s upcoming album, “Authentic.”


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