Don’t Let This Be You: A Woman Is Arrested For Calling Her Ex 77,000 Times In A WEEK!

We all get a little crazy sometimes and might double call or text a friend or significant other if we don’t get a response from them but could you imagine getting  77,000 calls from your ex in ONE WEEK?!

A woman in New Mexico was arrested by the Albuquerque Police Department in what could be the most extreme case of stalking ever recorded in the history of the country. The 28-year old woman allegedly not only called her ex 77 ,639 times in a week, but also sent him 1937 emails, 41 229 text messages, and 647 letters in the same period!

So, if anyone ever gets mad at you for excessive calling, texting, emailing, etc just refer to this.


Check out the whole story and mugshot HERE.




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