Weekend Journal: How You & Your Pet Can Stay Bug-Free This Summer

FIRST GUEST: Dr. Katy “Pawz” Nelson, veterinarian and host and executive producer of “The Pet Show with Dr. Katy”

Summer is in full swing! Flowers are in bloom, and dogs are enjoying the outdoors– until those pesky fleas and ticks make a home out of their fur coat! And it’s all fun at the lake until those mosquitoes eat you alive!

Dr. Katy shares her tips on flea, tick, and mosquito prevention. And believe it or not, you don’t just have to worry about when Fido is on his walk outside– fleas and ticks can be a problem indoors, too.


  • Vacuum every day– or almost every day. And not just the floor, but your couches and chairs, carpet runners, bath mats, and along baseboards.
  • Steam clean! Hot steam and soap are a lethal combination for fleas. Make sure to clean where your pets sleep, too.
  • Comb your pet, especially long-haired animals. Make sure to do this over a white towel, which will help you to see if any creepy crawlies have fallen off your dog!
  • Is your pooch scratching a lot more than he normally is? This may be a sign of fleas or ticks.


  • Mow the lawn regularly and clear any tall grasses.
  • Remove any old furniture bugs may have claimed as their own.
  • Have firewood? Keep it neatly stacked in a dry area.
  • Change the water in birdbaths or at the bottom of plants daily to prevent mosquitoes.

Learn more, and check out Dr. Katy’s TV show at thepetshow.tv.

SECOND GUEST: Meg LoBianco, Senior Athletic Events Manager for PAWS Chicago

Pets Are Worth Saving– that’s what PAWS Chicago is all about! Aside from the ultimate way to save a homeless animal, adopting, there are many other ways you can support the life-saving mission of this animal-loving organization. Meg tells us about a couple ways to support PAWS Chicago.

You and your doggie can walk (or run, but that’s humans only) in the PAWS Chicago 5K (formerly the Walk or Run for Their Lives), at Montrose Harbor this morning (July 24th).

The walk starts at 9:00 A.M. and is dog-friendly. The run starts at noon, but doggies are not permitted during this race. If you didn’t pre-register online, you can register on site beginning at 7:30 AM.

Afterwards, enjoy food, drinks, live entertainment, games, pet-friendly vendors, prizes, and more! Doggies will get a chance to splash around to stay cool in the pools, and have a chance to enter the Cutest Dog Awards competition!

Remember to raise as much money as you can– big fundraisers will get a chance at some awesome prizes, like a 7-night tropical Caribbean vacation!

Learn more at pawschicago.org/5k.

Another way to support the life-saving mission of PAWS Chicago is to become a volunteer. Volunteers have many tasks at PAWS, including taking the dogs out on fun runs!

These little trips outside give the dogs some fresh air and exercise. It also gives them the opportunity to work on their behavior around other dogs and people. Not to mention, it’s a great bonding experience between the pooch and volunteer.

Interested volunteers can click on the volunteer section at pawschicago.org or call 773-475-4716 for more information.

THIRD GUEST: B.J. Jarrett, spokesperson for Social Security Adminstration’s National Press Office

Whether it’s decades away, or right around the corner, retirement is something we all have to plan for. And the sooner the better! And what better time to start a solid financial plan than right now?

The Social Security Administration is offering a free service which helps people of any age and any employment status track their earnings history, benefit estimates, and future projected retirement earnings. It’s called a My Social Security account, and it’s free, fast, and easy to sign up.

Learn more or open your own account at socialsecurity.gov/myaccount.

Weekend Journal airs Sunday mornings at 6:30 on US99.5 and 6:00 on US99.5 HD2 The Wolf.

Listen to this week’s full episode below.




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