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Eric Church & Lon Helton

Country Countdown USA: New Baby Or Grammy– Which Will Come First For Eric Church?

The due date and Grammy’s are in the same week. Anxious much???


Russia (LOUAI BESHARA/AFP/Getty Images)

Victory Auto Wreckers Changing Iconic Commercial

Who can forget this iconic green car and the $20 bills in the Victory Auto Wreckers commercial!? Can you believe it’s already been around for 30 years!! But there’s a change coming… the business is […]


Mmmm... bacon.... (Photo: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images)

Weekend Journal: Healthcare Changes For Chicago Kids, & Losing Weight By Eating Fat

Plus, a new online social network for people living with chronic diseases. Click here for all the details!


Carrie Underwood & Lon Helton

Country Countdown USA: Carrie Underwood Says Preparing For Baby’s Arrival Is “Overwhelming”

“It’s really overwhelming to go into any baby store,” says soon-to-be mom Carrie Underwood. See what else she has to say about expecting HERE!


Are You Smarter.jpeg

Are You Smarter Than First Job Chris: Sonny

Does Sonny the attorney from Chicago have what it takes to prove he’s smarter than First Job Chris?? We’ll see if he knows some legal terms! LISTEN: 1. The NHL All-Star game is taking place […]



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