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Top 5 Best Southern Brunch Spots to Fuel You Up for LakeShake!We’ve all been there - feeling groggy after a late night of music and have an entire day of LakeShake staring right at you! Thankfully, it's nothing some biscuits and gravy or cornbread can't fix!
10 Hangover Tips To Help You Get Back on Your Feet For LakeShakeLast night was awesome. You rocked out to Randy Houser, sang along with Thomas Rhett, and danced with Big and Rich, but tonight, you aren't feeling so hot and there's still 2 more days of LakeShake!
My #LakeShake Pro Tips To Survive All Weekend!Your LakeShake survival guide is here!
AUDIO: Roman's Promise To His Three Year Old Son TristanI guess you could say it's a little something for all the single Dads out there like him.
It's Roman VS. Becca Round 2 In The College Of Country Knowledge!Becca, our Nashville Know It All is in studio today because it's Lakeshake weekend here at US99!
Nashville Know-It-All: Jason Aldean & His Wife Are On A Baby-Moon!So have you ever heard of a baby-moon?
TOPIC: What's The Good Deed That You Did?If you found a duffel bag with $100,000 inside, would you return it?
WATCH: Ellen Caught Audience Member Stealing From Her Gift ShopWell, this was awkward.
Kelly Clarkson Helps Fan Pull Off Epic Proposal BackstageSome people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. 
Oreo Candy Canes Will Be Your New Christmas Tree DecorationYou may be enjoying your Oreo ice cream but come winter, you'll be munching on Oreo candy canes!
Luke Combs Offers Up His Version Of #ThrowbackThursday!A mega-hit from years ago gets a new spin on it from Luke Combs!
United Airlines Wants to Win Back Customers With Deep Dish PizzaAfter several snafu's this year, United Airlines is doing everything it can to repair their image.

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