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Eric Church & Lon Helton

Country Countdown USA: New Baby Or Grammy– Which Will Come First For Eric Church?

The due date and Grammy’s are in the same week. Anxious much???


Mmmm... bacon.... (Photo: Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images)

Weekend Journal: Healthcare Changes For Chicago Kids, & Losing Weight By Eating Fat

Plus, a new online social network for people living with chronic diseases. Click here for all the details!


Carrie Underwood & Lon Helton

Country Countdown USA: Carrie Underwood Says Preparing For Baby’s Arrival Is “Overwhelming”

“It’s really overwhelming to go into any baby store,” says soon-to-be mom Carrie Underwood. See what else she has to say about expecting HERE!


Photo: Alex Wong/ Getty Images

Weekend Journal: 2015 Career Predictions & Meet Una, Bick’s Pit For January

What jobs are hot and hiring this year? Plus, Una is our adoptable pooch this month!


Kenny Chesney & Lon Helton

Country Countdown USA: Kenny Chesney Spills The Beans That His “Rehearsal Stuff Is Planned Out” For His Summer Tour

Lon’s co-host this Sunday morning is Kenny Chesney, who says he’s really looking forward to hittin’ the road this summer! (Aren’t we ALL?) “There’s this anticipation with me and the band,” Kenny admits. “We’re starting […]



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