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MORONS IN THE NEWS: An 86-Year-Old Woman Fights Off a Thief With Nothing But BaconAn 86-year-old woman in England was grocery shopping on Monday, when a younger woman tried to steal her cash. And she fought her off by hitting her with a package of BACON.
Out Of Order 8 At 8: FGL Number 1 For Third Night In-A-Row!8 most requested songs for July 22, 2016
Couples Who Get Drunk Together Stay TogetherA new study found couples who get drunk together have the happiest marriages.
10 O'Clock News: Runaway June - "Lipstick" Vs. Luke Bryan – "Move"Listen and vote!
The Walking Dead: Season 7 Trailer Is HereTWD returns on Sunday 10/23 on AMC!
MORONS IN THE NEWS: A Guy Charged With Burglary Says A 10-Year-Old Made Him Do ItAn 18-year-old guy in Florida was caught robbing a store last week with a 10-year-old kid. He was charged with burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, even though he swore the kid made him do it.
Out Of Order 8 At 8: FGL Number 1 Again Tonight!8 most requested songs for July 21, 2016
How Many Nights of Bad Sleep Does It Take Before Caffeine Stops Working?How long can you get away with substituting "coffee" for "sleep" and get away with it?
New Jersey Woman Gets Stuck In A Tree Playing Pokemon GOWell this would be embarrassing.
10 O'Clock News: LANco – "Long Live Tonight" Vs. Luke Bryan – "Move"Listen and vote!
LISTEN: Miranda Lambert Calls Drew To Chat Summer, Vice & More!
WATCH: Dierks Bentley & Elle King Behind The Scenes of "Different For Girls"Check out what Dierks & Elle King were thinking behind the scenes, this is so cool!

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