Lisa Dent

lisa 125 Lisa DentWho is Lisa Dent?

Answer: A BIG ANIMAL LOVER, and …the 2005 Country Music Association MAJOR MARKET PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR!

Cubs or Sox:

Favorite US*99.5 moment:
Working with Big John, Ray and Trish when they did a live broadcast from NYC on the first anniversary of 9-11

Favorite Pizza Place:
Capri in Rockford or Giordanos on Michigan

Favorite place to hang out when you are not working:
Anywhere that gives me a chance to hold my son’s hand

Dirty little secret:
I hate housework!

First concert:
Donny Osmond and the Osmond Brothers

Favorite vacation destination:
St John, USVI or anywhere with a beach!

Personal Hero:
My Mom

Best meal that you make:
Big gooey cheesy Lasagna

Favorite Chicago restaurant:

What’s important in life?
My family and living every day like it’s your last!

Most annoying habit:
Singing loudly (out of tune)

Favorite Charity:
American Cancer Society They offered so much support and information when I was diagnosed.

Cities where you have hosted radio shows:
Houston, Seattle, Minneapolis and San Diego and Rockford. All those cities were just practice so I could land this job in Chicago, my favorite city in the world!

Lisa Pickle Canned

Pics: Lisa & Big Ma Jarred Pickles Last Night!

It’s a yearly tradition at the Dent House! Lisa and her mom jarred pickles last night.


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Did Lisa Bring Home A New Pig From The Farm?

Lisa went down to hangout with the Dancing Farmer over the weekend and she stopped by a local pig nursery. She was so close to bringing him home.


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