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VIDEO: Ray Tells A Funny Thanksgiving Joke

To get into the holiday, Ray’s been telling jokes all over the station.



WATCH: Functional Truck Made of Ice Blocks!

How “cool” is this!?   Canadian Tire froze a battery to -40°C, then used it to start an ice truck built out of more than 11,000 lbs of ice! It had never been done before, and [...]


(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

WATCH: Justin Timberlake Covers Garth Brooks Hit in the 90′s!

Flashback Friday! A young, adorable Justin Timberlake covered Garth Brooks’ “Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House” back in the early 90′s! Thrown in with some dance moves and a wink , JT got [...]


Are You Smarter.jpeg

Are You Smarter Than First Job Chris: Sara From Cary!

Can Sara put an end to First Job Chris 3 game winning streak? The Questions…. President Obama gave a speech on Primetime TV last night on what issue? If you’re a hunter what’s the specific [...]


Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat - Game One

Watch: Mic Dies During National Anthem @ NHL Game In Toronto And Crowd Sings Every Word!

This is so cool! While singing the National Anthem at the NHL game in Toronto, the mic went out. So what does one do when that happens?! Just like a scene from a movie, the [...]


Photo: Timothy A. Clary/ Getty Images

Watch: The BEST Way To Cook A Turkey!

Do you have a trick? Some people say the “Boobs Down” approach is the way to go. So you actually cook the Turkey with the breasts facing down. All the juices will flow to the [...]


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Watch: Kid Comes Home To Dad Swinging From Tree On A Dirt Bike!

Can someone say COOLEST Dad EVER!


(Photo credit should read XAUME

List: The Reasons Why We Love Our Older Sisters

Do you have an older sister that showed you the way? The ladies @ COSMOPOLITAN came up with the Ultimate list of “Why We Love Our Older Sisters”…. 1. She broke in your parents for [...]


Trisha Yearwood

Listen: Trisha Yearwood Talks Thanksgiving And Garth Passing Out On The Couch!

The new album is in stores and she gave us a call this morning! We can only imagine what Thanksgiving is like at the Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks house. She told us she’ll be [...]


Photo: Timothy A. Clary/ Getty Images

PICS: Dunkin’ Donuts Inspired Turkey: The TurDunkin

The TurDunkin, not to be confused with a turducken, is a turkey made from Dunkin’ Donuts coolattas, stuffed with munchkins, and served with coffee gravy and mashed hash browns. Turdunkin: — Meredith Pheasant (@Meretastic7) [...]



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