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What’s The Best Advice You’ve Ever Given Your Husband?

We found a list of the Ultimate Man Tips, designed to get the best out of your man. Some of our favorites included: * Every hat should serve a purpose * Never take her to […]



Did You Give Your Boyfriend A Nickname?

A recent article in the Atlantic Monthly highlighted a new trend in dating … women giving nicknames to their boyfriends, rather than sharing their names with their friends … much like “Mr. Big” from Sex […]



What’s The Worst Thing You Heard When Breaking Up?

Our friends at iVillage.com just released their list of the top things you should never say during a break-up: 1. “I never loved you.” 2. “Let’s just be friends.” 3. “Is there anything I can […]


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Are You Snooping In Your Man’s Email?

According to a recent survey, 54% of women admitted they snoop in their partner’s in-box.  Is that you? If so, did you find anything incriminating (and if so, WHAT)? Share with us here!


Salon Prive Opens Showcasing The Worlds Finest And Most Expensive Cars

LADIES: Is Your Man’s Collection Of “Toys” Getting Out Of Hand?

A recent survey listed the top five items your guy wants for the holidays this year, one of them being “lessons for something he’s passionate about, or has a collection of”. That got me curious […]


Taylor Swift (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

‘I’m Never Telling’ Says Taylor Swift On Who Inspired Which Song

Ever since Taylor Swift’s first album, there has been a tremendous amount of speculation regarding the inspirations behind her chart-topping songs.


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What’s The Biggest Key To A Successful Relationship?

Whether you measure it in months of dating or years of marriage, there’s usually one key for all of us that works … According to a recent survey, the new #1 key for married couples […]


(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

37% Of Single Moms Who Are Dating Will Dump Their Boyfriend Over This?

According to Redbook single moms are standing by their kids. When it comes to re-partnering 37% of single mom’s said if asked by thier kids, they would dump their boyfriend. 65% said they wouldn’t marry […]


What You Don’t Want To Hear About Your Ex?

  Does your mom keep talking about your ex-girlfriend and how she was the one for you? We got our hands on the list of things you hate to hear!



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