TOPIC: What's The One Little White Lie That You Always Tell?Stylz went to the dentist yesterday and when they asked him if he flossed, he said that he did everyday. That might not have been exactly the truth....
Another Hilarious Post-Wisdom Teeth Video
Drew's #PenOfTheDay - American Academy of Periodontology in Chicago
Drew's #PenOfTheDay - Durkin & Fitzpatrick Dental In Oak Lawn
WATCH: Ray Takes a Trip to the Dentist!
WATCH: Kid Pulls Tooth With Hot Wheels Car
WATCH: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Recreates 'David After Dentist'
Dentistry On The Go: Would You Get This?
News: Dental Assistant Fired For Being Too Hot Is Fighting Back!Can you really be fired for being too hot? Melissa Nelson a former Dental Assistant from Iowa was fired back in 2010 after her boss claimed that she was ruining his marriage because he was distracted by her looks at work!
Weekend Journal: Oakfest; Avoiding Hidden Fees; National Smile Month
"I Don't Know Where My Lip Is!"- Jake Owen After Getting Wisdom Teeth Pulled

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