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Students taking an exam (Photo: Frederick Florin/ Getty Images)

Weekend Journal: Ace The SAT’s & Back To School Tech Tips

A perfect SAT score isn’t impossible; it just takes preparation. Plus, back to school tech tips, and how New Balance Chicago is joining the cause to find a cure for Diabetes.


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High Five To The Kid Who Hired A Mariachi Band As His Senior Prank

These are the 23 best senior pranks of the class of 2014 according to Buzzfeed. Get ready to laugh– and maybe be inspired to prank someone today.



Best Senior Prank That Didn’t Get Anyone In Trouble

One principal in California arrived at school this week to find a 4-piece mariachi band in his office, which would then follow him all over school … all day! Would you laugh at something like […]


St Louis Cardinals v Miami Marlins

Best Backyard Pool Basketball Shot Of The Year

A little creativity, eleven buddies, a pool, a slide and a basketball. This is skill:


Football Star

High Schooler Catches His Own Football Throw Across The Yard

This is incredible. Seriously.


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Seflies Are Not Allowed At Graduation!

That’s what a university in Rhode Island is saying! They’re the first to ban students from taking selfies at graduation. Bryant University in Rhode Island is afraid that if all 8oo+ graduates take a selfie when they’re […]


Oprah Winfrey Visits Australia - Day 7

Hugh Jackman Surprises His Former Student!

On a recent red carpet interview, Hugh Jackman recognized the interviewer from years ago … and decided to have some fun with him. You will laugh!


Football Star

FOOTBALL: I Bet The Bears Would Love This Play Too!

Just when you think the 2-point conversion play is dead, you see a high school team pull THIS off!


(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

What’s The Most Embarrassing Car From Your Past?

CarInsurance.com just asked 1,500 folks which car would be their most embarrassing, the most cringe-inducing, to drive. The top five are: * Smart Fortwo * Nissan Cube * Hummer H2 * Chevrolet SSR * Volkswagen […]



Local High School To Start Testing Students For Alcohol

Do you have a student there? How do you feel about this?




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