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Seflies Are Not Allowed At Graduation!

That’s what a university in Rhode Island is saying! They’re the first to ban students from taking selfies at graduation. Bryant University in Rhode Island is afraid that if all 8oo+ graduates take a selfie when they’re […]


Oprah Winfrey Visits Australia - Day 7

Hugh Jackman Surprises His Former Student!

On a recent red carpet interview, Hugh Jackman recognized the interviewer from years ago … and decided to have some fun with him. You will laugh!


Football Star

FOOTBALL: I Bet The Bears Would Love This Play Too!

Just when you think the 2-point conversion play is dead, you see a high school team pull THIS off!


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What’s The Most Embarrassing Car From Your Past?

CarInsurance.com just asked 1,500 folks which car would be their most embarrassing, the most cringe-inducing, to drive. The top five are: * Smart Fortwo * Nissan Cube * Hummer H2 * Chevrolet SSR * Volkswagen […]



Local High School To Start Testing Students For Alcohol

Do you have a student there? How do you feel about this?


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Are Your Kids As Flexible As This?

High school track athletes in Kenya have been practicing the high jump at heights previously unheard of… Watch this video as more than a few members jump over six feet high!!! Visit NBCNews.com for breaking […]


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Ever Get In Trouble From Something You Posted On Facebook?

24-year-old high school teacher Ashley Paine recently posted a festive photo of herself holding a pint of beer and a glass of wine on her personal Facebook page. A parent complained and school officials gave […]


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Do You Have A Lucky Pair Of Underwear Like These Kids?

A recent survey of high school seniors found that 1 in 3 admitted to wearing lucky underwear during their final exams. Other wore lucky pants, lucky jewelry or used lucky pens… Is this you at […]



Teaching Real Life: What’s Your Class?

Lots of high school students are graduating and entering the real world this month, but they may not be as prepared as they think they are. In a recent poll, these are some of the […]


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VIDEO: Is This High Schooler Like Someone You Know?

It takes lots of practice to perfect a skill … even crazier to watch when you have no idea how YOU would do it. Enjoy this daredevil on the steps of his high school: