mr. bean

mr bean

PICS: First Job Chris Picked Up Lisa’s Pig, Mr. Bean!!

First Job Chris hopped in a cab to pick up Mr. Bean’s ashes from Bonnie’s studio! He called us with updates the whole way… and made it back safely… with Mr. Bean in a Gibson’s […]


Windy City Live 1

Watch: Lisa & Ray On Windy City Live!

Love Val Warner and Hosea Sanders! We had so much fun on WCL! Thanks to Justyna for having us on…she listens every morning on her way in from Indiana and loves country music. It was […]


Mr Bean

Mr. Bean is gone….

I’m so very sad… Sometimes there are people who pop into your life that you wish you’d known forever. Dr. Bill Morrissey is that guy. After calling 19 veterinary clinics, looking for help to euthanize […]


(Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

WATCH: Polite Pig Shares Salad

This pig may be a little smaller than Mr Bean, and OK, a little more polite. It’s just so cute, I had to post this guy sharing a salad with his owner. Maybe it will […]


Mr Bean Snow

Watch: Mr. Bean Plays In The Snow!

Mr. Bean seems to be a fan of winter.

The other day, we caught him playing in the snow, and lucky for you, it was all caught on tape!


Photo courtesy of Lisa Dent

Photo: Mr. Bean Plays Santa At Lisa Dent’s House!

Look who came down the chimney at Lisa’s House on Christmas morning! It’s Mr. Bean!


Photo courtesy of Lisa Dent

Pigs In The News: Potbelly Pig Found In Stolen Car!

You thought my pig, Mr. Bean, was BIG! I always get the same question “How much does your pig weigh?” Well, not as much as the pig in this story. Poor pig went for the […]


Wal Mart

Mr Bean’s New Bed!

That’s Liam hoisting up Mr. Bean’s (Lisa’s Potbelly Pig) new bed that we picked out at Wal-Mart!


Mr Bean Thanksgiving

Mr. Bean Wants A Kiss Under The Mistletoe!

After a visit to the Thanksgiving table (to make sure we weren’t serving ham), Mr. Bean decided that he loves to be in the house, not the basement. He now is permanently perched on the […]


MR Bean

Mr. Bean Is An Accomplished Excavator!

There is a reason why for centuries, people have used pigs to hunt for truffles! Mr. Bean can overturn a 1/4 acre in a matter of minutes! He chooses to eat every bug, root and […]