Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

WATCH: New Blackhawks Pump-Up Video for Hockey Season!

Counting down the days until October 9? Check out this new Blackhawks video that will get you PUMPED for hockey season!!

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WATCH: 5 Year Old Explains Why 3 Girlfriends Is Too Many

This is awesome! Watch this 5 year old explain why three girlfriends is too many… I agree with him! –Jax


'Wheel Of Fortune' Celebrity Week - TV Show

WATCH: Another Wheel Of Fortune Fail

These people make me said! Watch yet another person lose big on Wheel of Fortune…


Taylor Swift

Watch Taylor Swift Surprise a Fan at Her Bridal Shower

Can you imagine surprising someone you don’t know by dropping in during their bridal shower? That’s exactly what Taylor Swift did for a longtime fan in Columbus, Ohio. And now Swift has posted a video — watch it now!


(CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

Check Out This Time Lapse Of A Girl From Birth To 14 Years Old

This is super cool! Check out this 4:00 time-lapse video of a girl from birth to 14 years old! It might make you tear up a little! –Jax


Keith Urban

Watch Keith Urban Give a Tour of His ‘Idol’ Trailer

The country star and ‘American Idol’ judge takes fans on a backstage tour of his trailer, where he loves to kick back and relax when not on set. And it’s unlike anything you’ve probably ever imagined.


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Best April Fools Prank Ever!

This April Fools prank is AWESOME because it was all about doing something nice for someone who needed it! Her name is Chelsea Roff, and she had to raise her little sister by herself, amongst […]


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WATCH: Deer Stalks A Woman Around A Beach

This is really funny, although I don’t know why… Watch as this deer stalks a woman around a beach. Think it’s love struck? –Jax


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WATCH: How Dogs Actually Drink

Even if you have a dog, I bet you still have no idea how it actually works… Watch below and be amazed! –Jax




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